Small Black Fish
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Small Black Fish
One day, the little blackfish, who lives in a brook with his mother, wonders about the world outside his hometown and goes on a long journey by resisting those who want to prevent him. On this journey, he embarks on adventures with frogs, seahorses, crabs, snails and a big-dipped heron. The purpose of the little catfish is to get out of its own world and to know other worlds, to discover other lives and to learn that life is not just the stream in which it lives.

A little fish curious to see the world. While the play, in which his journey to freedom is told, deals with concepts such as justice, equality, self-confidence, and courage with a childlike perspective, it is also an example of happy people who do not accept the life offered to them and are not afraid to realize their dreams, who risk many things for more. 

Author: Samed BEHRENGİ
Director: Çağatay ÇİFTÇİ
Cast: Erkan ERKOÇ, Oktay GÜRSOY, Serkan BİLGİLİ, Taner KÖSE, Ufuk ŞEN, Duygu ŞEN, Başak ATALAY, Zeynep ÇİMENCİLER, Sinan MORDAĞ, Ekrem Tünge DENİZMEN
Kostüm Tasarımcısı: Borbala BARTA
Işık Tasarımcısı: Emre ERBAŞ
Müzik Tasarımcısı: Ömer Serkan ALBAYRAK
Stage Crew: Bahaddin ÇİÇEK
Işık Kumanda: Harun UÇAR, Ahmet Yesevi ÖZEL
Decor Responsibles: Ali ERSOY, Yaşar ERKEK, Fettah AKHAN, Halil İbrahim KURT, Eren ACAR, Erhan ATAY
Türü: Müzikal
Small Black Fish
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